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Enhance Photos

Create works of art for framing, scrapbooking, gift giving, photobook pages, and slide shows!

The possibilities are endless...

Scroll down and run your mouse over each photo:


Remove distracting objects

Original photo courtesy TQ Photography

Honor his service - colorize & add flag background (1941 photo)


Replace facial expression with better one (from another photo)


Blur out distractions in the background

Erase Distractions

Turn a photo...




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What can be done to Enhance a photo?

Enhancing includes:

Special effects, such as softening the background make the subject really stand out.

Eliminate the background entirely and put the subject in a new setting. If someone couldn’t attend the family reunion, we can add that person to the family picture.

Remove people and objects from a photo.

We can eliminate the red-eye look and distractions, like the “rabbit ears” behind your head in an otherwise wonderful group shot.

How about that picture of you on the beach – but the horizon is at an angle? We can straighten it for you.

Whitening teeth, taking out a few wrinkles, removing a blemish – these are all examples of enhancing.

Enhancing can include special effects, such as a soft blur, adding text or borders, colorizing a black-and-white photo, making a color photo black-and-white – but maybe you’d like the bride’s bouquet to remain in color. There are endless possibilities.


How much does it cost?

As with restoring, we charge $55.00 per hour for enhancements.

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