How Does Our Process Work?

The process of organizing and permanently storing your photographs, slides, negatives, or video is as simple or complicated as you want it to be. We can SCAN them "as is" and transfer them directly to CDs or DVDs. Or you can spend the time to first SORT through them, put them in order, divide them into categories or years, label and date them. Then we can SCAN them. That way, you'll always be able to easily find the photo, or set of photos that you need, when the time comes.

Either way, they'll be ready to view on a computer or DVD player, to print, or to create a slide show or photobook. STORE them in their personalized DVD case with the title you've chosen.

Now is the time. Don't leave boxes full of photos of unknown people, places, and events to be thrown away later. Organize and preserve them so that you, as well as future generations, can enjoy them. Create a new library of meaningful memories you can look at any time, and use to create gifts for many years to come.