DIGITIZE: QUALITY makes the difference

Your memories are priceless.
The simple fact is, if your memories are not in digital format, they are fading away. The best way to ensure that you and future generations can enjoy them for years to come is to convert them to digital format; stable, secure, and easily transferred from medium to medium without any loss in quality.

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Don’t wait until it’s too late!

  • Boxes full of old photos you keep promising yourself you’ll organize and put into albums…


  • Old scrapbooks and non-archival photo albums causing your precious photos to deteriorate, or become lost or damaged…


  • Envelopes full of negatives saved, but pictures scattered…


  • Boxes and reels of 8mm or Super8 film and you have no idea what memories they contain because the projector is broken or long gone…


  • Cases of 35 mm slides fading away more each year…


  • Home video tapes…the VCR is broken; you hate to buy outdated equipment – and your tapes are deteriorating too!


  • Just attended a baby or bridal shower? Going on a great vacation? Let us preserve the pictures directly from your digital camera to DVDs.


  • Are your pictures already organized? Maybe a family member would like a copy. Or surprise your grown children with CDs of pictures from their childhood. They’ll treasure them forever!

Preserve Your Memories Now

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A Page is Turned asks that you have legal right to all items in your order. Most family albums are taken by family members and there is no problem. Now that we’re in the digital age, many professional photographer, give their customers total rights to their images. For very old professional portraits, the studio may not even exist anymore. In this case, we will accept them if they are your personal property, and you are using them for personal use. Additionally, we cannot process any illegal and/or immoral content.