Restore Photos

Restoring is bringing your photo back to its original condition, or as close as possible, depending on its condition. A picture with a crease or tear, and sometimes even missing sections can be restored. The scanning process alone will restore some of the original color in a faded photograph, but we can usually improve on that with a little restoration.

Restore photos you thought were ruined and memories you thought were lost forever. If you have a photo you’d love to keep, but you think it’s not salvageable, let us restore it. Protect and save those irreplaceable keepsakes!

Scroll down and run your mouse over each photo to see before & after restoration:
Tears, folds, and wrinkles can disappear like magic!
Years of exposure to UV light, dust and nicotine will fade colors drastically
Very worn, Missing whole pieces
From faded, creased and torn to new once again!
Restore Original Color & Contrast
Faded from exposure to sunlight
Preserve Your Memories Now

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What can be restored?

Anything we can scan, we can restore. A photo larger than an 8½″× 11″ requires special handling, which does cost extra. Call for more information on these.

How can you improve my old photos?

Please run your mouse over the examples above. We can get rid of creases, fix torn sections, bring back color and detail, and sometimes even replace eyes or a face (ever have a child scribble out the eyes on a photo?) if you have another picture of the person so we know what they are supposed to look like. We have received photos in pieces, and digitally restored them so the owner could get a new print. And if you want one-stop shopping, we will send your digital image out to our associate photo-lab for a professional quality print. See out Gallery Prints page!

How much does it cost?

Professional photo restoration is $75.00 per hour. Much restoration occurs in the scanning process. Faces are, of course, the most important. Some people choose to have us concentrate on that, rather than worrying about fixing the busy wallpaper or brick all in the background. We have done jobs from 1/4 an hour to 6-7 hours. The more detail to be restored, the longer it will take. We can give you an estimate once we see what you need done.