Slide Shows

Video/Slide Shows bring special events to life! Birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, memorial services, retirement parties – that’s only the beginning! Add music or narration to create a truly personal tribute! For an extra special effect, add a video clip!

Our shows are not the “cookie-cutter” shows that you might find elsewhere. Our shows are hand-produced, by professionals. Your photos, and any effects, are timed to fit cues on the soundtrack, to elicit maximum emotional response from your audience. We take great pains to ensure that your slideshow is the absolute best that it can be. Our goal is to produce goosebumps and tears!

Perfect for…

  • Graduations, Anniversaries, Birthdays, Weddings, Reunions, Memorial Tributes, Vacation Memories, any occasion


  • Great party entertainment at a graduation party


  • Celebrate the life of a loved one in a memorial tribute


  • Remember the bride & groom’s growing up years at a wedding reception


  • Re-live the wedding and marriage at a milestone anniversary


  • Create a legacy of your life to live on long after you’re gone – add your own audio voice to tell the story, or video from your video-camera


  • Teams: Show the season’s highlights at your year-end banquet


  • Travel Agents: Slide presentations of fabulous vacation spots make a great sales tool


  • Real Estate Agents: Use slideshows instead of virtual tours for your listings

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Graduation slide Show

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How many pictures can I have in a slideshow?

The length of any of our custom slideshows is limited only by the size of the files that will fit on a Video DVD. This means that your slideshow could be two hours in length! But we don’t recommend that! Most shows that move at a moderate pace will utilize about 90 – 120 photos and 3 songs for a 12-15 minute show. A faster-paced show (say, a sports team season highlight show) will use more, and a slower-paced show (like a memorial) will use fewer photos. And you are not strictly limited to still photographs. We can include video clips in the show, along with audio clips (for instance, we can use a narration audio track, or sound effects, along with your music). The length of your show should be limited mostly by the attention span of your audience. Keep in mind that with a slideshow, you are telling a story; with a beginning, middle, and an end. Choose your photos and video clips with that storyline in mind, and together, we will produce a show that will wow your audience and leave them wanting more!

How much does it cost?

We produce custom slideshows, made-to-order for your event or memory. Our prices include all the extras that other companies usually charge to do: basic restoration work if needed, and the process of timing slides and transitions to the soundtrack, inserting narrative tracks, if you have them, mixing the audio tracks, adding captions, special transitions between slides, zooms and pans, submitting the show online for your approval, and any final revisions. It also includes the first copy of your show on DVD, with a custom label, and in a presentation box. If your photos are not already digital, see our photo scanning page.

Price per segment or song

Each Photo


Each Video Segment


Each Song provided by client (MP3)
Each Music Segment from client (CD)
Each Music Segment Downloaded

What if you scan your own pictures?

If you provide the digital photo, we ask that they are scanned at a minimum of 300 dpi. If you have us scan the photos (see above photo scanning under digitizing), you will have the scanning charge, but you will receive a separate disk with those digital, enhanced photos.

Video or Audio Segments

Music soundtrack are synchronized to the slides for maximum impact. If you provide the music, we request it on CD or MP3 format. This is to adhere to federal copyright laws. Many people prefer to have us choose music that we find and download. If you choose this option, you will also receive a separate audio CD of all the music.

Can I use any music and/or photos that I like in my show?

Copyright law restricts the use of most material to what’s called “fair use”, which means that if we incorporate the music of your choice in your show, you must have purchased that recording, either on CD, tape, record, or download (from iTunes, etc.). The resulting show is to be used for non-commercial use only. We also are restricted from using any material in which the rights under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) do not expressly belong to you. We will not incorporate any material that may be construed as condoning illegal or immoral activity. See our Terms and Conditions (on the contact page) for further details.

Who owns the rights to the slideshow?

You do! Upon completion, we post a version at our approval site for you to proof, and send you the link to view it online. Upon your approval, we transfer a high-resolution version of your show to DVD in a presentation-quality box and it’s yours. All future rights to that show belong to you. You may make copies or have them made without going through us, if you prefer. After all, these are your treasured memories!