DIGITIZE: Video Tape and Film

With us, quality comes first…

You’ve waited a long time to transfer your priceless home movies. While you may find some companies that will do it cheaper or faster, to us it’s all about quality. We’ve invested in top-of-the-line, true frame-by-frame (vs. real time) film transfer equipment so that you can invest in the best also.

We treat your film with the utmost care…

We take the time to clean and lubricate every inch of film (twice!) with a special film cleaner/preservative to ensure that the resulting scan is as sharp, clear, and dust-free as it can possibly be. It is then run on the film chain in a process that allows the film to be run at half-speed, allowing for less wear and tear on the film than normal speed processing. Once digitized, the resulting video is color-corrected, sharpened and blank video is edited out for a smooth flow. The final video is transferred to DVD with an opening menu for ease of playback. All of this special treatment of your precious memories are included in our basic film transfer price! Needed leader and splicing is also included!

  • Video Tape
    – VHS & VHS-C
    – Betamax
    – Video 8, Hi 8, & Digital 8
    – MiniDV
  • 8mm Film
    – Regular 8
       – silent
    – Super 8 Film
       – silent
       – with sound

Preserve Your Memories Now
Call A Page Is Turned today at 303-953-8289 or 1-888-709-5007 for a free price quote before your film and video become lost or damaged!

The following are some samples of 8mm film we’ve transferred:

PLEASE NOTE: Video shown at greatly reduced resolution for transfer across the internet. Actual resolution and sharpness is much better!

1940’s Films

San Francisco 1963

1930’s With Narration

Train with sound

India 1976


VIDEO: VHS, VHS-C, Betamax (Beta), MiniDV, and 8mm (Video8, Hi8 & Digital8)

Basic Price: Pricing for transfer to DVD Video format is $20 per video hour, pro-rated by 15 minute increments, with a minimum charge per total order of $40 . Time is based on video length, not labor. The price includes some basic restoration, including filtering video noise and color restoration, if needed, as well as the master copy of the DVD(s) in a personalized DVD box.

FILM – Super8 and 8mm – with and without sound

Film Transfer Prices:     Silent Film: 32 cents per foot

                                            With Sound (Super8 magnetic stripe): 60 cents per foot

                                            Minimum Order: $50.00

Additional Copies

Additional copies are priced per set! We have DVD boxes that hold 1,2,3, and 4 disks. When your DVDs are of a like subject and can go in one box, we save on boxes and ink and pass that savings on to you. Your DVDs are always personalized on the front. We print a picture and/or title directly on the DVD, we never use stick-on paper labels that can come off and ruin your DVD player. If you know what is on your videos, please include a photo of that subject if you can. We will use it on the front of the DVD and the box.

Disks in Set

Deluxe Copy

Jewel Case Copy













As an example, let’s say you have the following order, the price for each extra Deluxe copy would be as follows:

Our Daughter’s Wedding (one disk in a box by itself – $12/copy)
Senn Family Vacation (one disk in a box by itself – $12/copy)
Family Movies 1981 – 1990 (on 4 disks in one case – $36/copy)
Family Movies 1991 – 2000 (on 4 disks in one case – $36/copy)
Family Movies 2001 – 2008 (on 2 disks in one case – $20/copy)

In this example, the cost for one copy of the entire set of 12 disks in 5 different boxes would be $116..



Our prices include film cleaning and lubrication (to help prevent breakage on brittle film) prior to transfer, adding leader as necessary, any splicing required, and some basic restoration. A master copy of the DVD(s) in a personalized DVD case is also included.

Number of feet on a reel: A 3″ reel is approximately 50 feet ($16), 5″ is 200 feet ($64) and 7″ is 400 feet ($128) – prices without sound. Our equipment has a counter, and your order will be prorated to the exact footage. You will not pay for a full reel if it is not full.

Video/Film Editing: $75 per hour of studio time. This can include adding music, narration, title slides, as well as editing out or rearranging portions of the film.


Price per segment or song

Each Song provided by client (MP3)
Each Music Segment from client (CD)
Each Music Segment Downloaded

Minimum Charge: Because some videos are short, or you may want just one 3” reel on a DVD, and we need to cover the cost of the disk, box, ink, etc., a minimum of $40 will be charged for any video or film transfer order to DVD. For example, if your video is just 1 hour long, and is transferred to a DVD without any extra videos, the price is $36. This is for the original transfer only, not any extra copies you may order.

Menus and Segment Markers: We can also add menus to the DVD for easy navigation directly to the individual film segments or just segment markers so that you can use the skip button on your remote control to ‘skip’ to segments. Menus can be text only, thumbnail photos, or video thumbnails.

Menu or Segment Marker Prices (per DVD):

# of Segments


Segment Markers

1 -5



6 – 10



11 – 15



16 – 20



21 – 25



26 – 30



31 – 35



36 – 40



41 – 45



46 – 50